Overpopulation Against The World


The world is a big place, but it seems to be filling up hurriedly these days.  A total of just about six billion people exist in the Earth today, and those numbers are predicted to enhance by fifty percent in the next twenty-five years (Overpopulation 16).  Overpopulation is a concern that faces societies all over the globe.  There are several effects that overpopulation presents to people day after day.  The ever-developing population puts demands on today’s already limited necessities such as the food supply, natural resources, and the ability for people to find employment just to name a few.  There are other unfavorable consequences that result from overpopulation; some of these include pollution, and food shortages, disease, deforestation, traffic congestion, and global warming being just a few.  All of the above cannot necessarily be unavoidable or be prevented from occurring, but technology is being used to help improve the situations.  Although many people are uninformed of the devastation that is taking place, some effort is being made to notify the public of the present subject of overpopulation.

For the most part, overpopulation is not being given the recognition it needs and deserves to be given.  Many are not looking at the problematic state in which our world is in as serious enough crisis suitable for more acknowledgment.  Many are not concerned with the number of people being brought into the world, but rather concerning them with the way resources are being used.  This way of thought, looking at the affects of overpopulation rather than the root cause of these effects is very dangerous to mankind.  As the population continues to explode, researchers worry that Earth’s carrying capacity will be met in the nearby future.  The term carrying capacity is used to define the limits on population with respect to the resources Earth has to offer (Overpopulation 6).  If the researchers’ forecasts’ are verified and the carrying capacity of the earth is met it will be catastrophic and destructive for many.  The number of deaths related to food shortages and disease will continue to rocket because of “great pressure being placed on land, water, energy, and biological resources, to help provide an adequate supply of food while manufacturing the integrity of our ecosystem” (Overpopulation 1).  Recently enough articles have been published in many top name newspapers arguing that overpopulation has never been nor ever will be a problem.  Feel free to read on and decide for yourself.


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